Ashes Annascaul Black & White pudding. Black Pudding is an artisan homemade black pudding. The Irish black pudding was first made when Ashe’s shop was established in Annascaul in 1916.

The original black pudding recipe has been handed down through three generations of the Ashe family. Continuing in that tradition, Annascaul Black Pudding is handmade by Thomas Ashe on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry.

It is a unique Irish black pudding, is high in iron, contains no artificial additives or preservatives and is low in fat. It is a traditional Kerry black pudding, cake baked and in square block shape.It is one of the very few black puddings still made with fresh blood.

Annascaul Lake

You can’t visit Annascaul without visiting Annascaul lake. Nestled in the mountains overlooking the Com Dubh valley, this is an area rich in history and mythology and never fails to inspire the creative mind. The river and lake have stocks of trout for those partial to a little fishing, and the lake road and mountains are popular with both serious and amateur walkers alike.


The heart of the Dingle Peninsula: the village of Annascaul lies among mountains, lakes and streams and is surrounded by history and beauty.