A Voice for Hannah

Hello, my name is Hannah Falvey. I am 2 ½ years old and I live with my parents Nancy & Brendan and my sister Lily in Annascaul, Co.Kerry / Ireland.

I have a very rare condition called Rett Syndrome, which is a complex genetic disorder that affects mainly girls. Some of the syndromes most common features are non-verbal communication, scoliosis, epilepsy, motor function difficulties, stereotypical hand movement as well as difficulties with swallowing and chewing. For more information please visit http://www.rettsyndrome.ie 

My family
My dream is to communicate with my family with the help of an eye gaze computer called Tobii. But like most things it costs a lot of money.
As I will never be able to talk or use my hands for sign language this type of communication will be my future language. In order to master the eye gazing skill, it is necessary to start from a young age.
This is me at an eye gaze trial
 So two good friends of my family are preparing to walk 70km from Castlemaine to Brandon Point, Co.Kerry / Ireland in under 20 hours, on Friday 12th of August 2016 in order to fundraise for me.
They will walk the length of the Slieve Mish mountains range which runs along the middle of the Dingle Peninsula climbing all the mountains along their path including Mount Brandon, one of the highest mountains in Ireland.
This is the route my friends will take
Please sponsor these two friends of mine who are very brave and kind to do this challenge so I can get a voice in this world.   
Your donation is very much appreciated. 
Thank you.
Hannah Falvey & Family

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